Designed for Companies with:

  • Edu Monetization Goals
  • Traffic & Edu Allocation
  • Traffic & No Edu Allocation
  • No Traffic & Edu Allocation

Designed to Incorporate:

  • Scoring Services (i.e. e-Bureau)
  • LeadiD
  • TCPA Consent
  • Completely Transparent

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Product Highlights
  • Outperforms link-out campaigns
  • Performance based pricing
  • Work directly with lead buyers to capture aggregator margin
  • Leverage best in class technology
  • Manage program/campus configurations through single point of contact
  • Leverage intelligent matching algorithm to match student to the most appropriate schools and programs based on user data/profitability
  • Syndicate search results across unlimited properties
  • Early warning system means unqualified users can be seamlessly routed to other offers/paths
  • Real time, fault tolerant delivery ensures maximum revenue capture rate
  • Easy deployment with minimal technical resource
  • Consistent user experience (user never has to leave your site)
  • Customizable reporting
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